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Lipo 6 Testimonials

“I’ve just started Lipo 6 and it is working well so far. I am running and I’ve changed my diet though. I bought it at first because I quit smoking and I did not want to put on the extra pounds. I have not put on any weight, I have actually lost weight.


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Good for Eric! Note that he stopped smoking, started taking Lipo 6, and had enough energy to pickup running. This is not just a weight loss supplement, although it does accomplish that, you will have much more energy too. This can help jump start you to do some exercising.

“About 5 months ago i noticed my weight had gotten out of control. I was 5ft6in. weighing in at 189lbs. The first thing i did was do a fitness boot camp and change the way i eat. I got my weight down to 175lbs, then i started taking the Lipo-6 last week and have lost five pounds

As far as woking out I’ve only done moderated excercise such as walking. One of my main concerns is my abdominal area, and love handles, i have noticed a big difference, its only been a week. In the past i have used and ephedra product that worked but i like this product much better because i doesnt give me the jitters.

I love this product and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about weight loss. This product is amazing!!!


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Congratulations Tene! While it is clear that Lipo 6 boosted her results, she still found it necessary to make some changes in her eating habits. Generally, Lipo 6 will help you make those changes by appeasing your appetite. Not only that, but Lipo 6 will do wonders when you try to make some other changes and put even a little bit of exercise alongside of it and decent eating habits.

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