Lipo 6 Ingredients

I am glad to see that someone who is interested in losing weight is actually searching around trying to find out what you are putting into your body. It is important to do your own research and not just take the guy standing behind the counter at GNC or Walgreens advice (although many do know what they are talking about).

It is important to know that Lipo 6 has undergone a facelift, if you will, over the last couple of years. It started out being one of the many popular ephedra products. There is no doubt, many people swore by Lipo 6 during that time. When ephedra was banned and Lipo 6 removed it from their ingredients, many people were upset. Other people saw the reality that Lipo 6 was concerned with healthy weight loss, not just weight loss.

Lipo 6 ingredients have not changed much for the exception of eliminating both ephedra and aspirin from their ingredients.

The four main ones now are: 1) synephrine 2) caffeine 3) bioperine and 4) yohimbine. Below are a few brief descriptions of what they do.

1) Synephrine – This is used to increase energy and boost your metabolism.

2) Caffeine – This is used to help boost your energy and curb your appetite.

3) Bioperine – This will help you absorb other nutrients and supplements from foods and Lipo 6 better.

4) Yohimbine – This is simply a fairly new ingredient to the market that is proven to assist in burning fat.

More information on LIPO-6 can be found here.