Lipo 6 Dosage

Lipo 6 should only be taken in accordance with the Lipo 6 manufacturer recommendations. Please note that Lipo 6, based on the labeling, can change the recommended dosage at any given time. This is because many of the active ingredients have not been tested enough to know what the exact amount of a safe dosage would be.

It is recommended, at this point, that you take two capsules twice daily. It is also recommended that you do not take these too close before bedtime. This is because there is caffeine in Lipo 6 and you may find that it will keep you awake.

Here is what I would recommend doing. Start out taking only two the first day (one in the morning, once in the early evening). This can be a good indicator of how your body will react to Lipo 6. The following few days take three of the capsules; Twice in the morning, one in the early evening about six hours before bedtime. This should help your body adjust to some of the active ingredients.

Note that the Lipo 6 does have a large amount of caffeine in it. This may originally sound unhealthy to you. But in reality, this is to give you an extra spring in your step with more energy. Not only that, but caffeine will also curb your appetite. So, it is necessary to have it in Lipo 6 to see some of the better results from taking it. The only problem you might have is if you are still trying to drink caffeinated beverages. You will likely put too much caffeine into your system and it may keep you awake or cause you feel jittery.

More information on LIPO-6 can be found here.