Is Lipo 6 Safe?

You likely are reading this because you are either contemplating buying Lipo 6 or you have read a negative review of it. Perhaps even both. The problems with the internet and/or magazines you read at the beauty salons is that they can be extremely outdated. To truly understand what you will be getting with Lipo 6, I think it is necessary to know a little bit about its history.

First off, it is true Lipo 6 was one of the many popular supplements that originally contained ephedra. A huge portion of people swore by the product and loved the results. Through some studies though, the results were somewhat sketchy and therefore, ephedra became illegal in these forms of dieting pills.

Since then, Lipo 6 has got a facelift. It no longer contains ephedra or aspirin because of some of the negative side effects that people were getting. It is still a great product though and contains many of the same ingredients it had previously to continue to be a great weight loss product.

For example, it still contains two key ingredients, synephrine and caffeine. Synephrine is included to help increase your metabolism and boost your energy. This is what makes it a true dieting supplement because it actually causes your body to burn more calories than what it does without it. Caffeine does a couple of things too. Please, avoid thinking of Mountain Dew here. When used by itself without the sugar and other trash put into soda’s, this actually helps curve your appetite and boosts your energy level.

Overall, the product is now considered to be extremely safe and still producing some of the same great results by helping you lose weight!

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